This is a wonderful case of how a young women reclaimed her health and life after two Skype calls and homeopathic treatment for anxiety and insomnia in just over 8 weeks.

When we first spoke, Jasmine explained how she had not slept well for weeks, finding it difficult to fall asleep due to incessant thoughts or she would wake in the middle of the night and not able to go back to sleep. She had had periods of wakefulness before but this was the worst it had ever been.

Jasmine was desperate for some help. She was very open and honest and this helped me to find very specific remedies for her.

She had been anxious as a teen and had built up a catalogue of fears and worries that would come and go and these would always be worse when she couldn’t sleep. Her anxiety would then escalate out of control and she felt ‘extreme nervousness’ and sometimes even ‘paralysed with terror’.

Helping Jasmine become anxiety free involved listening to ‘her story’, how she felt, what worried her and when she felt better. We also took a very detailed account of her previous difficulties, illnesses and medication and vaccinations she had in the past.

This is what she said:

“I was treated for anxiety and insomnia and I can honestly say I have never felt so looked after and listened to. The consultation was very thorough and I felt very cared for. I received the remedies in the post and took them daily. I also had a different remedy to take during the weekend. I felt different from taking the first remedy and immediately slept better on the first night. By the end of the first week I could feel myself feeling a lot better. After a month I had another consultation and then some new remedies. I now sleep so well and am no longer plagued with unwanted thoughts. I am so relieved to feel so much feel better!”.

Jasmine continues to do well and knows to come back if she ever begins to feel anxious again.

If you have anxiety or insomnia and would like to talk to me I offer a free, no obligation 20 minute call.