Do you suffer from:

* Mood swings – crying or snappy or unexplained anger?
* Weight gain (especially around your middle) – or bloating around
your period?
* Problems with fibroids, PCOS, ovulation or infertility?
* Heavy and or agonising periods?
* Skin problems or acne?
* Trouble sleeping or low in energy?
* Low mood or depression?
* Fatigue or low energy?

Homeopathy can help balance your hormones, naturally –  helping you to feel your best and enjoy life.  

A lot of women’s health issues are connected to hormone imbalances and it is not something you should just ‘put up with’.  At Transformative Health I see a lot of young women who have been in physical pain or emotional distress without even realising that it could be a result of their hormone balance.  I can work with you to help rebalance your hormones and bring more ease and happiness to your life.

Some of the main remedies I use include Sepia, Ignatia, Pulsatilla, Natrum Muriaticum and Folliculinum.  However, there are many different remedies we use in homeopathy to bring hormones back into balance and as everyone is uniquely individual – when we prescribe remedies they are uniquely individual to you!

That being said there are a lot of things diet and lifestyle related you can to introduce to help your hormones naturally today:

1)   Eat organic – especially meat and dairy products to avoid animal antibiotics and synthetic hormones.

2)   Use only natural skincare and body products – avoid parabens and other chemical preservatives that disrupt your endocrine system.

3)   Use natural deodorants rather than antiperspirants – the body needs to excrete toxins through sweat and doesn’t need the added toxins and metals in antiperspirants.

4)   Sleep – Ideally get to sleep before midnight to gain the most benefit and to keep those hormones in check.

5)   Eat more Omega 3 – Such as oily fish, nuts, flaxseeds, hempseeds and tofu. Omega 3 fatty acids also aid the body in keeping the cellular receptor sites (where hormones bind) repaired and in optimal condition.

6)   Exercise – Aerobic exercise has been known to release chemicals that improve mood, which can help balance out mood swings caused by a lack or excess of female reproductive hormones.

7)   Reduce stress – Stress causes excess cortisol to be produced, which blocks out oestrogen. This loss of oestrogen also causes lower amounts of serotonin, which is linked to low mood.

If you have been struggling with your hormones or have been suffering with symptoms above – you don’t have to – now is the perfect time to speak with me and find out how I can help.

It’s easy to book with us if you have any questions you’d like to ask us before deciding to book your appointment.