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Booking & Fees


Initial Consultation (up to 20 mins)

no obligation Skype or phone call

First Bio-resonance & Homeopathic (2 in 1) consultation

Adults: 1.5 - 2 hours £125

Children under 12: 1 hour £75

Teenagers: 1 hour £85

Follow up Bio-resonance & Homeopathic (2 in 1) consultation

Adults: 1 hour £75

Children under 12: 45 mins – 1 hour £55

Teenagers: 1 hour £65

First Standard Homeopathic Consultation

Adults: 1 - 1.5 hours £85

Children under 12: 1 hour £65

Teenagers: 1 hour £65

Follow-up Standard Homeopathic Consultation

Adults: 50 mins £60

Children under 12: ½ hour £45

Teenagers: 1 hour £55

All prices quoted include main remedies prescribed. 

Additional remedies and organic herbs are extra.

For Skype clients I will write you a prescription & either send out your prescription or advise on local distributors.

I offer concessions for single parents and families on low income please enquire for details.

Food / Allergy Sensitivity Testing

Adults: 40 mins £50

Children under 12: 30 mins £35

Teenagers: 30 mins £45

Screening for over 245 foods and environmental factors.  Including: Wheat – Whole, Cows Milk, Soya Milk, Soy Bean, Apples, Potatoes, Beans, Yeast, Citrus, Sugar.

Consultation & Prescription Fees

Brief email support between consultations: FREE

Phone advice between consultations (up to 10 minutes): FREE

All advice (by phone /email) regarding your on-going treatment is FREE and included in your consultation fee for up to 4 weeks after your last consultation.

Advice after your consultation period is £25 |US$35 | Eur 30

Package & Posting for online clients please add £5

Remedy charges

Bio-resonance imprint tincture / Homeopathic remedies / Flower & Vibrational Essences – £10, plus shipping if needed.

Homeobotanical personal blend (30ml, lasts approx 4 weeks): £20, plus shipping if needed.

Homeobotanical personal blend gel (external use only) £20, plus shipping for 30ml / £30 plus shipping for 60ml.

Allergy / Hormone / Stop Smoking patches and additional remedies are charged at £7.00 each.

Remedy charges and shipping are charged for at the time of order.

Acute / Minor Ailments / Injuries

£25 |US$35 | Eur 30 – for existing patients only.

Health Insurance

Many health insurance companies such as Simply Health, reimburse for treatment costs. For further details please consult with your insurance provider. Receipts can be provided with each consultation.

Wellness Packages

These provide a tailored and cost-effective treatment option. Please see my Wellness Packages for more information.

Regular Payment Plan

Multiple treatment discount is available when 3 sessions are pre-payed for in advance. This is an option for clients who require on-going or regular treatment.

Home Visits

These are available on request and have an additional charge depending upon travelling time and distance involved.


Payment is due at the time of the appointment by cash or cheque, or in advance by BACs transfer. Cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice or non-attendances are charged at the full fee. In exceptional or unavoidable circumstances the fee will be waived if the appointment is re-booked and subsequently kept within one month.


Please give a notice period of 48 hours if you wish to avoid cancellations fees.

Out of Hours Service

The Homeopathic Helpline:
At evenings and weekends or during holidays you may wish to use the homeopathic helpline: 09065 343404. Lines are open until midnight every day and charged at £1.53 per minute.