Moe started to feel constant nausea throughout the day as well as a range of other symptoms such as lethargy, joint pain, fearfulness and dizziyness shortly after her second routine HPV vaccination in school.

She came to see me as her mother recognised a link between the onset of her symptoms and the vaccination. Homeopathy provides a gentle detox system which has helped many young women and teenage girls regain their health from the side effects of the HPV vaccination.

First consultation
The first consultation requires a great deal of experience and training to ‘take the case’ and understand fully how someone is experiencing their symptoms.

Moe was asked about her particular range of symptoms and when they were worse / better. She was also sensitively asked about her general personality what were her likes and aversions and any fears and worries she had. We also collected more detail about her family health history from her mother.

As well as her constitutional remedy, I supported her with some selected liver and kidney remedies initially to optimise her ability to deal with toxins and remove them safely from her body.

Second consultation – 4 weeks later
Moe’s symptoms were 75% better. Her permanent nausea, which she had described as ‘a constant empty sick feeling’ was 100% better. Some symptoms remained left for us to deal with. Her energy levels although better were still low in the afternoon and her sleep was sometimes erratic. Occasionally she still woke unrefreshed.

She was prescribed an increase in potency of the previous liver and kidney support remedies. Her constitutional remedy at a higher potency was also prescribed.

Third consultation
It was a delight to see Moe again for her third consultation four weeks later she was happy and smiling and her low energy, joint pain, dizziness and fearfulness were all in the past. She had started seeing her friends frequently again and was continuing to enjoy her life.

Homeopathy is natural, non-toxic and gentle medicine. With professional homeopathic care we can support your organs, detox vaccinations and help your constitution and immune system. You don’t need a diagnosis to start a program of treatment.