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Homeopathic detoxification was developed by the Dutch physician Tinus Smits who was looking for a way to help children.

This method of homeopathy has also been used successfully to treat a number of conditions including MS, chronic fatigue, allergies, ear infections and hyperactivity.

I qualified in this form of homeopathic detox therapy in July 2014 and now use it alongside constitutional Homeopathy and Natural Medicine.   During your consultation I look for any potential toxic cause of your illness.  The types of toxicity that can be addressed include household chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs such as antibiotics and vaccines, pesticides and heavy metals.

Today our modern environment contains thousands of toxic chemical substances that come into contact with our bodies on a daily basis. Although our bodies do try to maintain balance by normal excretion processes (pee, poo, pong and perspiration!), these substances can overwhelm our defence mechanisms and lead to an accumulation of toxic burden and storage in our bodies.  This in turn may become a block to our full health.

In the long term these toxins disrupt our endocrine system and organs such as our adrenals and thyroid.  Heavy metals can affect our nervous system and some are very slow to act and accumulate over time, (such as aluminum levels in the brain which can be a factor in Alzheimer’s). They can also disrupt our gut flora in our digestive system affecting our assimilation of nutrients, and influencing our mind and emotions.  You can read more about the research from Dr Campbell-McBride at

I use Homeopathic Detox to address such situations and for when patients may say that they have ‘never been well since’ a course of antibiotics; or, that their child did not seem the same after he received a vaccination, or after an illness such as glandular fever.   It is also an important part of my preparation treatment for pregnancy.

The benefits of Homeopathic Detox Therapy include:

Custom-made homeopathic remedy programme

Optimal nutritional supplementation

Resolution of digestive and gut-related issues

Improvement of neuro-developmental functions

Root cause treatment of underlying , (including vaccine damage, traumas of physical, emotional and chemical exposure).

The first thing I do on the initial consultation is to start with your constitutional remedy.  If improvement is slow or falters I would then consider whether there is anything in your background which may be an obstacle to you getting better.  Dealing with these issues is especially important before trying to get pregnant as studies have shown that high levels of heavy metals such as lead in sperm and/or egg can lead to hyperactivity in children.