the effects of hormone levels at differing times of the month, susceptibility to vaginal infections, infertility, miscarriage, complications of pregnancy, diseases of the female organs (pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis), overgrowth of tissue (endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, warts, cancer), and then the hormonal changes of menopause all go into the individual health story of each woman. From the onset of menstruation to its cessation and beyond, a woman's body speaks out and sometimes needs balancing.

No woman should have to experience menstrual pain every month, or painful breast tenderness, or mental irritability that is so noticeable that her family and friends know her cycle dates as well as she does. When a woman can't believe the spiteful things that are coming out of her mouth during the week before her period is due, it is time for a constitutional remedy chosen by a professional homeopath. If headaches are a predictable part of a woman's month, again prevention is the best remedy by getting a constitutional before the next cycle is too far gone. When a problem recurs monthly, it has become chronic and needs a more deep-acting approach than an acute remedy can offer.