Ok, that’s quite a mouthful!  You might also have come across – CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), PoTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and GBS (Guillian-Barre) for short!  If you have been suffering with unexplained symptoms such as dizziness, muscle or joint pain, lethargy or even paralysis you might have been diagnosed with one of the above conditions?

If so, you may even feel relief? After all, medically unexplained physical symptoms (Mups) are one of the most common problems in modern medical practice and can put a lot of extra psychological strain on you and your family. I understand the pressures this puts you under on top of dealing with symptoms which are stopping you or a loved one from enjoying your life.

For You:  without a diagnosis maybe, you can’t be sure you’re getting the right treatment or fear that you may never recover?

For Your Doctor they are under pressure of ‘over medicalisation’ – carrying out too many tests and prescribing a ‘pill for every ill’.

However, increasingly we’re all realising ‘pills don’t cure ills’ – they may help to alleviate symptoms but often do not help you get better and stay better.  Thankfully there is a solution.

“Homeopathy treats the person, not the disease”

Natural medicine, like Homeopathy treats the ‘whole person’.  When taking your case, I look beyond your presenting complaint or label of your disease.  Just important to me are your emotional as well as your physical and general symptoms.

But what does this really mean?

From a medical standpoint, a disease diagnosis is key, because drugs are prescribed to target a particular disease condition – for example beta blockers for slow heart rate, SSRI’s for depression or analgesics for pain relief.

At Transformative Health, your disease name is not important.  Even though you may come to me with a label of Chronic Fatigue SyndromePoTS or Guillain-Barre –  you may have symptoms which are common as others with the same diagnosis, I want to know more about your symptoms – temperament, personality, emotional and physical responses.  Also of key importance to me, is when your symptoms started – was it after a trauma event, vaccination or medication – this gives me more information to know what kind of treatment and remedies would be a right fit for you.  It is therefore not uncommon for me to treat different people with the same condition with different treatments.

 ‘Individualised, carefully selected remedies’

With each client I choose carefully selected remedies which then assist your body’s own healing mechanism.  Homeopathy instead of ‘attacking’ or ‘fighting’ disease, focuses on building health and strengthening the immune system.  I may prescribe remedies for organ support, remedies to help detox from medications or vaccinations as well as remedies for your overall constitution.

You do not have to have a specific diagnosis in order to receive homeopathic treatment. When we meet, either in person or via Skype, I will go through all your current symptoms and general health history with you. Your treatment plan will be tailored to fit your individual case and group of symptoms.  Helping you to restore you health naturally.

Please do book a FREE, no obligation Skype call to find out more and to see how we can help.