If you have ever been on hormonal birth control in the form of tablets, patches, injections or the most popular form ‘the pill’ or ‘morning after pill’, I mean, ever (even if it was years ago!) you may well still have synthetic hormones in your body which continue to cause havoc not only on your hormonal system but also on your digestion and mental health. Working in natural medicine over 17 years I have seen many women who have had taken huge strides with their health and a disappearance of symptoms after detoxing from hormonal birth control. Benefits include:

  1. increased energy
  2. decreased anxiety
  3. balanced hormones
  4. improved mood
  5. alleviation of migraines, skin issues, IBS and other seemingly unrelated issues

Also a huge relief for some:

6. increased fertility!

So whats the problem with birth control?

Hormonal birth control are steroid drugs which suppress your natural ovarian function.  It’s been found that dangers of steroid birth control can include side effects like cystic acne, anxiety or moodiness, breast tenderness, weight gain, or for some difficulty getting pregnant after stopping the pill. Synthetic hormone interruption on top of HPV vaccine damage can cause a potential devastating cascade in health.  Birth control pills may even cause depression.

Joanne, one woman I saw was prescribed Norplant, an implant, which has been linked to major depression and panic disorder because of its high progesterone content.  Joanne was suffering from social anxiety and very low mood and energy.

She was prescribed a two month synthetic hormone detox programme.  She reported:

‘I feel so well, much calmer, happier and more like myself’

Along with the detox we prescribed a constitutional remedy to support her through the detox process.

Rebecca, a young HPV vaccine damaged girl was prescribed the pill for her excruciating cramps and irregular periods.  She didn’t consider that there may have been an alternative and felt she had little option other than what the doctor suggested for her.  However, within a few weeks all her symptoms were worse – she was chronically fatigued, sleeping a lot of the day and suffering with confusion and brain fog.  Her mum contacted us and we began a programme of firstly detoxing the pill and supporting her constitution.

‘thank you, thank you – I feel like I have my life back and can be positive about my future again’

If you currently use birth control of any kind (the pill, shots, the patch, etc.), I cannot urge you strongly enough to consider natural alternatives instead.   If you think hormonal birth control may have created or worsened your symptoms and health, please do get in touch with me at Transformative Health.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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