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Fertile By Nature – 3 Month Programme

Optimal Fertility ~

Optimal Fertility Mary Harper-StanfordOver three months the aim is to optimise the health of both you and your partner so you can healthy natural fertility and conceive naturally.  Optimal health provides the ideal environment for an easy pregnancy and birth, as well as ensuring you with the healthiest baby possible.

Who is it for? The programme comprises of an initial 3.5 hour first consultation (this includes a 30 minutes break). During this in depth session I evaluate the health of both you and your partner and prescribe a series of natural remedies for both you both to take (whether your partner attends the session or not).   In addition there are two 1 hour follow up appointments (1 month apart).

My Aim: To help couples improve their fertility and conceive naturally


  • You will be coached and taught how to pinpoint when your most fertile time is.
  • Bio-resonance Health Screening for both you and your partner.  These can identify low levels of minerals, high levels of metals and general toxicity all of which could be stopping you from conceiving naturally. A unique treatment plan will be devised for you based on the results (supplements are not included, but recommended).
  • We will explore your family medical history as well as your own unique health history so we strengthen any inherited weaknesses, rebalance hormones, improve egg and sperm quality, and reverse any damage from chemical hormones like the contraceptive pill.
  • Emotional and lifestyle support: coaching and counselling are an integral part of this natural fertility programme. We address any emotional blocks to conception and look closely at your lifestyle to identify if anything could be jeopardising your chances of falling pregnant naturally.

Additional Support: Between the monthly appointments you will have unlimited access to me via email or phone (during my allocated times) for any additional support that you may require.

healthy natural fertility

√  3 month package

√  3.5 hr consultation & two follow ups

√  2 bio-resonance health screenings & follow-ups

√  additional support in between

√  all prescribed remedies


If you have any questions or would like more information on the package please call or contact me.


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