Hello - a little bit about me.

I love homeopathy – it has changed my life!
I trained at the College of Homeopathy in 2001 and homeopathy since then has continued to be a source of passion, learning and support for me and my family.


Why I became a Homeopath…

I am fascinated with energy and healing – science confirms that we live in a world entirely comprised of energy. In my late 20’s I became interested by how energy medicine and healing worked and started training as a Homeopath when I was 31 years. Since then I have practiced from my clinic with people in person as well as online.

I am a fully licensed and registered with International Homeopathy. I have attended many additional seminars and conferences in the UK and abroad. I completed the AFMCP – Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice in October 2018. In 2015 I became a QEST4 /Asyra Practitioner which is one of the most advanced bio-energetic testing systems in the world. The Asyra system gives you instant responses to help you explore root causes of health problems and how to solve them. It is non-invasive and helps provide information about physiology, psychology and interactions between them.


Our work together…

is to get you back to your true state of health and wellness and enjoying life.  I start with finding out more about you, your health history, your symptoms and when they began.  Our stories and our challenges often contain our greatest gifts. I believe we all have a purpose some big, some are small – they all matter.  I love working with people and seeing them regain their true state of health and happiness.

During a consultation we look at the blocks to your wellness, whether they are emotional, physical or energetic.  With homeopathic treatment we address these blocks and the issues behind your symptoms.
Please do not hesitate to book in for a 15 minute ‘meet me’ introductory consult (at no charge) which will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and how I might approach your treatment.

A few more things...

I grew up on small, remote farm in the rural Gloucestershire with six sisters and one brother – and quite a few animals.

One of my most powerful and joyful life moments includes giving birth peacefully and naturally at home to my second daughter – this followed a very difficult first birth ending with an emergency c-section for me and my first daughter.

Previously I have been a university careers consultant – helping students & gradates build their futures

The more we can get out into nature, the more we nurture ourselves and restore our energetic body – a forest, a tree, a lake or a flower all help us to connect.

Energy medicine is amazing but so is food - when we change our food, our body and mood changes too.

‘Stuffed down’ and unresolved emotions are often part of our dis-ease and suffering - they’re best not ignored!