Hello - a little bit about me.

I'm a mother of two growing girls and live in Forest Row, Sussex in the UK.  I specialise in the natural treatment of health conditions, reversing symptoms and helping my clients thrive.  I understand that everything is energy - we live in a world entirely comprised of energy- science confirms this. We are human transmission towers sending out a signal in the universe that is returned to us by the pictures of life. What we think, we create. I see the Law of Attraction as a major event in my life, there was my life before the Law of Attraction and my life after...

I see clients who want help with their symptoms to regain their health and alignment with the purpose and in doing so I work with people with allergies, asthma, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, digestive and sleep disturbances.

I now have nearly over two decades experience of practice - helping hundreds of people young and old along the way. I use homeopathy, flower and environmental essences, homeobotanicals (potentised organic herbs) as well as cutting-edge technology in bio-resonance health screening to help you get better.

Bio-resonance has been a wonderful and remarkable addition to my practice. The Asyra / Qest4 is a powerful tool which helps me to understand and address your energy body and the underlying causes behind your symptoms.

I am fully licensed and registered and passionately continue my professional development attending seminars and conferences in the UK and abroad.  Other courses have included Herbal Medicine - Alaskan Essences - Reiki 1 and 2 - Natural approaches to Fertility - Shamanic Healing - Homeobotanicals.  I completed the AFMCP - Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, in London in October 2018.

I look forward to working with you.  Now....is the perfect time!



A few more things...

I grew up on small, remote farm in the country with six sisters and one brother – and quite a few animals.

One of my most powerful moments so far includes giving birth peacefully and naturally at home to my second daughter following an emergency c-section birth with my first baby three years previously.

Other careers have been working as a university careers mentor – helping students & graudates build their futures

A few things I feel are important:

The more we can get out into nature, the more we nurture ourselves and restore our energetic body.

When we change our food, our body and mood changes too.

Our unresolved emotions show up in our physical health – they’re best not ignored.

Finally, its within everyone's reach to feel happier and healthier. Most of at somepoint have felt overwhelmed or struggle with symptoms BUT we're never far from someone who can help us.