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Mary Harper-Stanford


Hello - thank you for taking the time to find out a little more about me.

I'm a mother of two growing girls and live in Forest Row, Sussex in the UK.  I specialise in the natural treatment of autoimmune and children's behaviour and learning difficulties.  I also see clients with allergies, asthma, hormonal imbalances, digestive disturbances and developmental disorders such as autism.

My interest in natural health and healing started when I was a teenager. After a lot of training, I now have nearly over two decades experience and practice of helping the body to restore balance naturally. I use homeopathy, flower and environmental essences, homeobotanicals (potentised organic herbs) as well as cutting-edge technology in bio-resonance health screening to help you get better.

Bio-resonance has been a fascinating and invaluable addition to my practice. The Asyra / Qest4 is a powerful tool which helps me to understand and address the underlying causes behind your symptoms.

Most of my clients come with a range of things they'd like to sort out.  Hormones, digestion and auto-immune issues are often the top of the list but low-mood, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia are also key areas people choose to see me for help.

I loved my training and went to two different Homeopathic Colleges both based at Regents College in London.  I am fully licensed and registered and passionately continue my professional development attending seminars and conferences in the UK and abroad.  Other courses have included Herbal Medicine - Alaskan Essences - Reiki 1 and 2 - Natural approaches to Fertility - Shamanic Healing - Homeobotanicals.  I completed the AFMCP - Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, in London in October 2018.

I offer effective treatments, based solely upon natural medicine, that are individually tailored to each of my clients.

The first consultation can take up to an hour and a half, so that I can gather a full and comprehensive medical history and provide a detailed treatment programme.

A few more things about me...

I grew up on small, remote farm in the country with six sisters and one brother – and quite a few animals.

One of my most powerful moments so far includes giving birth peacefully and naturally at home to my second daughter following an emergency c-section birth with my first baby three years previously.

Other careers have been working as a university careers counsellor – helping fashion, fine art and design students beyond graduation and a summer of trimming lettuces!

A few things I feel are important:

The more we can get out into nature, the more we nurture ourselves.

When we change our food, our body and mood changes too.

Our unresolved emotions show up in our physical health – they’re best not ignored.

Finally, its within everyones reach to feel happier and healthier. But at some point most of us feel overwhelmed or struggle with symptoms we don’t know how to solve. Whatever the difficulty I offer the space to help you restore your health – naturally.

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