Introducing the New Children’s Low Cost Health Clinic – Childhood is a wonderful time to lay the foundations of good health.  In my work I help many children regain their optimum health and it is naturally a part of my work I love as helping a child improve their health really does improve his or her chances of entering adulthood as a healthy happy individual.

For four years now, I have offered a low cost health clinic especially for babies and children on a Wednesday and have seen many newborns, toddlers, and many different children – shy -boisterous – moody – inquisitive – talkative – quiet.

Parents or sometimes grandparents have brought them as they want them to be ‘naturally well’ free of toxins and drugs and side effects.  Over the years I have seen children with asthma – excema – impetigo –  constipation – molluscum – anxiety – fears – sleep problems – bed wetting and behavioural problems.

But as March 2018 the day is changing!  The low cost children clinic will be every  Monday afternoon between 1-5 pm at The Garden Clinic in Forest Row.  I also offer Skype consultations.  This includes a 30 minute consultation, homeopathic constitutional or acute remedies and natural health recommendations. Bio-resoanance toxin, pathogen, nutritional status checks as needed.

A lot of parents I meet wish to use natural solutions for the children.  Homeopathy along with a clean, fresh diet and good sleep is an obvious solutions – it is drug free, safe, and with out side effects.

Why choose homeopathy? Most childhood illnesses are effectively and quickly treated with homeopathy without producing side effects.  Unlike antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals such as antihistamines, decongestants and cough suppressants, homeopathic medicines do not interfere with their delicate gut flora, make children lethargic or lower their natural bodies resistance.  I have seen Babies and children respond very well to natural treatment and this then also helps to strengthen their natural defences and immunity.

Why does my child get ill? Some children are lucky and after an ‘acute’ complaint such as a seasonal cold, or a tummy bug they ‘bounce back’ and return to full health quickly.  If your child seems to be in a state of constant poor health with colds, ear infections, upper or lower respiratory infections, skin conditions, low energy or sleep problems, then they may be a result of inherited susceptibility (not just from Mum and Dad but also the ailments from grandparents) or may be the result of an adverse reaction to medication or vaccination.

Where is the clinic and how can I book?  The low cost children’s service is in my Forest Row Garden Clinic.  It is accessible by foot from Forest Row Village and there is parking directly outside. There is space for children to play whilst parents have space to talk about their child’s health and concerns.   Whatever the problem I seek to support your child’s whole health and development.   The low cost children’s clinic offers an affordable solution to looking after our family’s health.  You can book online using my booking form or call me direct 07711475997.