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CFS / Fibromyalgia – How healing your Gut could be the answer for your recovery

A new study has shown that people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia have abnormal levels of specific gut bacteria – providing more evidence that the condition is ‘not in your head’. If you are experiencing symptoms such as brain fog, severe pain, extreme exhaustion so extreme it is hard for you to get on…
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A Happy Mum – Social Anxiety Helped with Homeopathy

‘That summer he sang amazing solos in concerts, had a big party for his birthday and went out to the beach with friends. His social anxiety massively reduced and has never been back to that level since’.   Mum, UK – After homeopathic treatment June 2017. In clinic I see a wide variety of anxiety…
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7 Steps to Balance your Hormones – Naturally!

Do you suffer from: * Mood swings – crying or snappy or unexplained anger? * Weight gain (especially around your middle) – or bloating around your period? * Problems with fibroids, PCOS, ovulation or infertility? * Heavy and or agonising periods? * Skin problems or acne? * Trouble sleeping or low in energy? * Low…
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Anxiety and Insomnia Free in 8 weeks

This is a wonderful case of how a young women reclaimed her health and life after two Skype calls and homeopathic treatment for anxiety and insomnia in just over 8 weeks. When we first spoke, Jasmine explained how she had not slept well for weeks, finding it difficult to fall asleep due to incessant thoughts…
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Chronic Tiredness, Low Mood or Depression? Ever been on the Pill? 6 Reasons to consider a Detox Now!

If you have ever been on hormonal birth control in the form of tablets, patches, injections or the most popular form ‘the pill’ or ‘morning after pill’, I mean, ever (even if it was years ago!) you may well still have synthetic hormones in your body which continue to cause havoc not only on your hormonal…
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How Bio-Resonance Can Help With Detoxification

The most common substances I detox at my clinic are: Vaccinations Contraceptives & the morning after pill Antibiotics Steroids and steroid creams Prescribed and over-the counter medications Environmental toxins   How I know if you need a detox? When you begin treatment, one of the first things I do is to take a detailed case…
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