Women's Health

I frequently see women with symptoms where there is an underlying hormonal imbalance that can be successfully addressed using remedies. The menopause is a natural process so it makes sense to treat it as naturally as possible with diet, exercise and homeopathy and avoid the risks associated with HRT.

During pregnancy there are many physical and emotional changes that can be helped by homeopathic medicines which have no side effects and can be safely taken. These include heartburn, constipation, thrush, nausea and vomiting and back pain. By stimulating your vitality in pregnancy, homeopathy can benefit you and your baby. During labour there are remedies that can help with potential problems such as slow dilation, pain, excessive bleeding, backpain etc. I often make up remedy kits with instructions on how to take them when labour begins. Likewise homeopathy is very effective in helping you heal after the birth as well as relieving any breastfeeding problems you may encounter.

Stress and anxiety can also affect many women today and these emotional imbalances are sometimes the cause as to why physical symptoms have manifested themselves. However as the homeopathic prescription takes into account both your emotional and physical symptoms a true sense of well-being is often felt once the remedy has been taken.

Other common complaints that can be helped include grief, panic attacks, thrush, cystitis and digestive issues such as IBS.

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